Pre-competition preparation

Pre-competition preparation 21.01.2019

Pre-competition preparation is a specific period of training of bodybuilders which represents the culmination of all previous efforts. Most often this is a period of 12-20 weeks. This time depends on the particular availability and options of each individual. The period is characterized by special dietary, training, supplementation and regeneration regime. Those who went through such a cycle at least once and completed it until the finish line, experienced a big challenge and certainly the ideas of ​​failure spread in their minds, but in the end there was the hoped-for joy of the achieved form and a sort...


MESOMORPH 21.01.2019

Mesomorph is another somatotype that we will discuss in this article. Of the three, this is the most ideal body type for application in bodybuilding, as well as in other, not only strength sports. You know the people in your neighborhood, who, in order to achieve quite good muscle and strength gains need relatively little time. Most likely they fall into the category of mesomorph, the so called magic type. From our experience, we can include into this category the current Mr. Olympia – Phil Heath, who managed to obtain just in a few years such progress in...

Last week before the competition

Last week before the competition 21.01.2019

Last week before the competition in terms of training and nutrition

Anyone who at least once tried pre-competitive preparation, or was close to a person, who was preparing for the competition, will agree that everything starts to break the last few days before the competition, specifically the last week. We have searched the internet for you and found that there are very few articles dealing with this issue, with this specific period in preparation of bodybuilders. This may be due to the fact that very few bodybuilders reveal the secret of how to tweak your form. In terms of...

Heavy Duty training

Heavy Duty training 21.01.2019

The author of this extremely effective training was Mike Mentzer in the 1970s. Mike pointed out that for success it is not necessary to be lifting enormously heavy weights and spend full week in the gym. His training methods were simple and clear:           

  • High intensity
  • Low frequency

Mike was a supporter of pre-fatigue of muscles and forced repetitions. He recommends 3 training units during the week which are very intense and short. Dorian Yates has been consulting his preparation with Mentzer for years which resulted into his huge success including the title of Mr. Olympia. The...


ENDOMORPH 21.01.2019

The last type we will discuss in this article is an endomorph. Naturally robust, with a large figure and a higher percentage of body fat, on the other hand, possessing great strength and talent to gain weight. Before describing the characteristics, we would like to explained that in some cases, we cannot determine an unequivocal somatotype and a person may be a combination of two types. Another thing is that the natural body type can be changed by a purposeful activity, and thus an endomorph can become a mesomorph. It is necessary to scrupulously follow the nutrition and...