Testosterone and everything you need to know about it

Testosterone and everything you need to know about it 22.01.2019

Tst is a AS hormone from the androgen group. We classify it among ASs. But what is the most important, tste is a male sex hormone, and carries a significant number of positive factors on performance, appearance and functioning of the body. In a male body, it is produced in the testes, in the so called Leydig cells. It influences spermatogenesis and the development of sexual characteristics in puberty. Its level is higher in the morning, which explains why men are aroused especially in that time of a day. The source of problems is when a man has...

Suplements and prohormones

Suplements and prohormones 22.01.2019

In this article we will discuss the issue of dietary supplements in relation to prohormones (the PHs). First of all, we must understand that it is not correct to combine the two categories into one unit, since each of them forms a single category. The most common problem of beginners is that they invest a lot of money in dietary supplements, while their diet is inadequate. As you can already predict from their name, supplements, or nutritional supplements, only serve to supplement your dietary plan. Expecting miracles from supplements alone is wrong. 

Why should we take PHs along with supplements?



SR9009 22.01.2019

Although SR 9009 is connected to the SAMRs, Stenabolic (SR9009) is actually a Rev-ERBA ligand. Thus, SR binds to the protein, making it more active. As a result, it brings to its user a wide range of positive results, including fat reduction, and a number of other health benefits. 

SR9009 was developed by Scripps Research Institute led by Professor Thomas Burris.

As mentioned above, SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-ERB ligand which is taken orally. It is a unique compound. Stimulation of this protein significantly influences a number of regulatory mechanisms in the human body. It reduces body fat, improves glucose...

SARMs and prohormones

SARMs and prohormones 22.01.2019

Have you already heard of SARMs? It stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. They serve as the perfect alternative to ASs. They represent almost miraculous substances that can help you reach the figure of your dreams. And all of this very easily, quickly and safely. 


What are SARMs?

SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, contain androgens. Androgens are a special type of hormones, which act as ligands (molecule linked to another molecule), which are connected to the cellular androgen receptors. These receptors are integrated in complex signal networks, which ultimately results in greater expression of the gene. Thanks to this...